Neverblue Ads CPA Network Reviews

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Neverblue CPA Network Reviews

Neverblue Ads CPA Network is one I used to have mixed feelings about but after working with my affiliate manager I’ve become a big fan of Neverblue. They do a lot of things right, but of course there are some that I think they could do better. Overall though, Neverblue is one CPA network that you need to be a part of.

Here are the details…

Non-US Offers


Compared to other CPA networks I find Neverblue’s payouts to be in the middle to lower end of the spectrum. I can often find a higher payout at other networks, although Never blue does have a fair number of exclusive offers so that’s not always possible. (Also see scrubbing below.)

I’ve gotten some pretty big bumps in payouts from my Neverblue affiliate manager when I’ve asked and I’ve even had a couple of times where he’s volunteered to bump me just so I’d promote an offer more.


Neverblue media has a lot of offers (1147 as of today) in a wide variety of niches. Their offer creatives (banners) are some of the best looking of any network I’ve found. They also tend to keep making new ones for popular offers which tends to keep the CTR high because it combats banner blindness.

Neverblue offers tend to have a lot more restrictions than other networks. A high percentage of offers tend to have extra terms and conditions which limit how you can promote the offers.

I also see a lot of extra notations of reasons that offers will not pay and warnings to expect chargebacks. There are also a lot of offers that you have to apply to run. I don’t see these things at other networks.


This is one of my biggest disappointments at Neverblue.  From my experience they are one of the hardest scrubbing networks. In almost every case, when I run the exact same offer at other networks my conversion rate is higher. According to my affiliate manager neverblue doesn’t scrub at all but he admits that some of the advertisers do. So if NB doesn’t scrub and it’s the advertisers who do, maybe that’s because Neverblue takes a bigger commission or something, I don’t know. The bottom line is though that quite often I’ll get a better overall ROI on the same offer through other CPA networks regardless of the reason. Of course you have to test for yourself to see what the numbers look like for each offer.


I get reasonable communication from Never blue. They send a newsletter with the best converting and new offers every day or so.  If I ask a question my aff manager is usually pretty quick to respond and he definitely contacts me if he sees that I’m driving less business to them then he asks me what’s up. He’s been great to work with and has given me a lot of tips on how to promote certain offers.


Neverblue’s interface is one of the best in the industry. It’s well laid out and it’s very easy to find what you want to find.

Their campaign search is awesome. You can search by keyword, category, country, banner size, type of traffic allowed, and whether or not incentives are allowed. You can also just click on a category to see all offers within that category.

You can also search by newest campaigns, top search campaigns, top email campaigns, newest freebies, top web campaigns, and top EPC campaigns. This really allows you to zero in on they type of offers you’re looking for.

When you get to the list of campaigns (whether through search or by clicking on the category name) you’re shown the date the campaign started, overall network earnings, EPC (earnings per click), payout, and offer category.

Once you click on a particular offer you’re given even more useful info — allowed and disallowed promotion methods, the exact action that counts as a conversion ( email submit, 2nd page submit, credit card submit, etc.), EPC, and lead payout. You’re also shown any additional terms and conditions which you must agree to and a link to the landing page.

One great thing that Neverblue offers is the ability to add tracking pixels directly within your account. You can set global tracking pixels at the account level which will track all offers in the network, or you can add a different tracking pixel to individual offers from within the offer’s info page.   Most networks require you to send your tracking pixel  to your affiliate manager to get it implemented, so the ability to do this yourself saves a lot of time. I have to say though that in practice adding the pixel through their interface doesn’t always work and my affiliate manager actually told me to let him place the tracking pixels for me to make sure they worked correctly. This is a great feature that Neverblue has which sets them apart from most other networks. They just need to make sure it works correctly.

Another awesome and unique thing that the Neverblue interface has is the ability to set international redirects. This allows you to get more conversions (or at least not waste) international traffic.

For example, if you’re promoting an offer which is valid only in the US, then normally if someone from a non-US country clicks your link they’re either sent to a completely different offer which is usually not related or they’re shown an “offer not valid in your area” error message.

However, with the Never blue international redirect, you can CHOOSE to send a visitor from a particular country to an offer of your choosing which should give you a much higher chance of converting them.


Reporting is another area in which Neverblue CPA affiliate network shines. You can get reports on overall campaigns, subids, creatives, or by a particular site. You can also do advanced reporting with different combinations of options and you can save reports. On top of these great features you can choose to have the reports output in your browser, or into CSV, tab separated, or XLS (MS excel) format for downloading. These are great features that I wish other networks had.


The default payment method is a check mailed to you. After you’ve been with Neverblue for a month you can get paid via paypal.  You can also get paid by wire transfer, but if your payment is less than $1000 there is a $25 fee. Payments over $1000 have no fee.

You can get paid by ACH (direct deposit) after you’ve been with Neverblue for one month and if you have a US bank account. There are no fees for ACH.

Standard payments are net 15. However, if you earn $1000/week (consistently) you can get paid weekly and if you earn $1000 every 2 weeks you can get paid every 2 weeks. I love getting paid weekly! It really helps with the cashflow if you’re pumping big volumes. I had to ask them to set this up. They didn’t just volunteer to pay me weekly so ask and you shall receive!


Neverblue has a pretty good number of non-US offers.

As of today…

  • UK – 193
  • Canada – 201
  • Australia – 128
  • Germany – 98
  • Kyrgyzstan – 44

NeverBlue Ads passes the Kyrgyzstan test!


  • Great interface
  • Great reporting
  • Good tracking
  • Lots of offers
  • Great creatives
  • Lots of international offers
  • Lots of payment options


  • Higher scrub rate than many networks
  • Low to medium standard payouts (they will bump you up if you can send volume)
  • Many offers have more terms and conditions than on other networks


All in all, if you’re promoting CPA offers then you need to join Neverblue. They’re a large network, they have a lot of offers, and they have many tools which make an affiliate’s life much easier.

As I mentioned earlier, one thing that concerns me is that Neverblue (or the advertisers) seems to scrub leads more than many other networks. Combine that with the fact that their payouts are only average to low and I often find that I make more money overall by promoting the same offer with another network. This is not always the case and of course you should always split test offers from other networks regardless. And of course they’ll usually give you a payout bump if you ask, but sometimes it’s just easier to go where the payouts are already higher to begin with.

Neverblue does have a lot of great offers (some unique to them), a great interface, reporting, and good tools which make them one of the top CPA networks. I highly recommend that you join.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Elcoj
    June 24, 2009
    10:07 am

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

  2. Kevin
    January 5, 2010
    2:54 pm

    Hey Brad,

    You mentioned that there are no links to the landing page (there is a preview page, though). So how do you do direct linking? Are you using the creative for adwords and go from there (I’m accepted into their netwok already)? They really have no explanation about that in their FAQ. I wanna do direct linking only (PPV) and it’s as if they’re hiding that link…


  3. Brad
    January 5, 2010
    6:28 pm

    Hey Kevin,
    RE: “You mentioned that there are no links to the landing page”

    Sorry if I’m blind but I don’t see where I said that :-) let me know though so I can either correct it or answer your questions.

    If PPV is allowed (they call in DLS -downloadable software) there will be a link under the “other creatives” tab. It will be called “Direct Redirect Creative For Downloadable Software Publishing”. That’s the link you use for DLS/PPV.

    For any other traffic sources I just use the adwords link.


  4. veeepro
    June 2, 2010
    6:57 am

    How can I join Neverblue? People from India are not allowed, can you suggest a solution on this?

  5. Brad
    June 4, 2010
    11:06 am

    Veepro, some networks don’t allow people from certain countries where traditionally a lot of fraud has come from. They may have a hard rule on this and may not be flexible on it.

    But you can also try to call them, tell them of your experience, tell them about other networks that you’re working with, show some of your legitimate sites,etc. In other words show them that you’re a legitimate business. Calling them might be the most important part so they see you’re a real person. It may or may not work. If you’re a newbie with no experience then it will be a much tougher sell.

    The alternative would be to set up a business front in a country where they do allow affiliates (UK or US for instance). There are lots of virtual office companies that will give you an address and phone number in the target country. You might have to log into the NB account through a proxy but I’m not sure who much they check that.

    Good luck!

  6. Rahul
    October 1, 2010
    9:22 pm

    Horrible Experience with Neverblue

    They are the biggest cheater I can ever think of, may be they are bigger than that. Oh! my god. I am shocked and in a way treating myself an Idiot as I choose this company Neverblue to work with. They give stupid reasons, even asking them thousand times they don’t have even one genuinene reason, I provided each and every details to them even all confidential information which I wouldn’t to share it with them, but still i did….. and you know what they say finally that the talk between us doesn’t look good…ha ha…Atleast this time they are true, how can a discussion be honest when you are talking with such a lier and fraud company, they also ate my $450 and when asking to pay that amount they say we don’t have any dues…woooh…Even after this you want to work with such company then it’s your choice but later don’t come and write the same sort of review here again …

    My affiliate manager name was Micheal Crouch. I don’t want to say anything about him but can’t resist as well, as I wouldn’t never ever think to work with such a person in my whole life. This is my 100% honest feedback, you better believe it

    For any further details/clarification, feel free to contact me.

    I pray success for all of you except Neverblue…Stay away from Neverblue, Don’t even think about them ….

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